What the hell is a Medi Spa?

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My mum has just started having treatment on her skin. She’s not looking too bad for her age (so many of my mates tell me!), but she’s started having these treatments to look younger. Why now? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis type thing. Maybe she’s trying to impress my friends (Nooooooooo!). Maybe after some of her friends have got divorced, she wants to make sure Dad appreciated her.

Anyway, I went with her to the place she gets her treatment as she was giving me a lift back from Football. I ended up in this super clean strange place called a Medi Spa in West Sheffield. I had to wait for her to have her laser treatment, so I had a look at all the things they do. There’s some pretty strange stuff that people get. I’ve heard of Botox, but never know where you’d go to get this type of treatment. Well, now I know. There were also things like skin peels, derma rolerz, skin tightening and stretch marks (urgh!).

There are some more noble services at the place, like hair removal. Boy, that’s an important one for the girls. I’d hate to have a hairy girl.  The acne would have been useful a few years ago as well.

Anyway, I learn new things all the time, and now I’ve learnt that mum must think she’s getting old, that strange places like Medi Spas exist in Sheffield and that while part of me thinks it’s mad, the other part of me is glad someone is removing hair from the lips of girls and making acne better!