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Christmas holidays in North Yorskhire

Were going away for Christmas this year. The ‘olds’ have rented a lovely, quality looking holiday cottage in North Yorkshire, in the Yorkshire moors and not too far from the coast. Should be great, looking forward to getting into the sticks. I’ve pretty much stopped my studies now, so it’s party time for weeks!

The only problem with the plan the ‘olds’ have cooked up about a Christmas holiday in the middle of nowhere (well, North Yorkshire) in an idyllic cottage is the Games aspect. I’ve getting some games as presents,  as usual (Dishonoured and Borderlands 3 to be precise). The cottage has a TV, but there is only one, and it’s not the large flat screen that I love. That’s a pain. Don’t they realise that people that people expect a large flatscreen in quality holiday lets? Also, people expect a TV in each bedroom now for gaming. Nuts!

I think this is the place were staying, a holiday cottage in Lealholm near Whitby. Anyway, let’s hope there are no arguments this year and that the internet connection in the holiday cottage is decent.


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