Sheffield’s best new haircut

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What a haircut! I’ve just had my hair styled at a different Sheffield hair dressers, a hair salon up in Hillsborough, and I’m pretty chuffed with the result. My sister goes to this hairdressers and so I went with her. They used this weird technique to straighten it out much more, a Brazilian Blow dry.  My hair has a pain in the arse tendency to curl up, and this has worked a treat.

Now my mate Jim, Sheffield’s answer to Casanova, has an infamous Justin Bieber style cut that he swears by as it helps him pull the girls. But should I have a haircut just to pull? It’s a nice side effect, but that’s not for me.

Now I’ve been trying to work out what haircuts pull what type of girl, and here are my thoughts. Let me know what you reckon:

Very long hair – If a bloke goes for this type of haircut, then he’s going for the Metal head girl or an Emo. This doesn’t work for many other groups if you ask me.

Long, but not really long hair (They call it a bob?) – This is an all round winner I reckon. Looks good and gives you a range of appeal to the hipper, music girls. Needless to say, this is what I have, and my new haircut at the hair dressers has made it straight as well.

Skin head  or short crop – A terrible cut if you ask me. You’re going for the chav girls with this one.  Not going to get much luck with the hipster girls.

The Bieber – As with Jim, a very effective haircut for a wide range of girls, and it does work for Jim, he’s a machine. I hate Beiber so much though that I feel it’s selling your soul to get this haircut just to be popular with the girls.

Floppy hair – a decent all-rounder as a hair style.

Curly hair – Nooo! This is how my hair goes once it grows past my shoulder.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Got to go out and show off my new haircut.