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I’ve got a camera, now where is the coast?

Well, it seems I’ve neglected this blog for a while. I’ve been really busy with a few big assignments. And when I’ve worked hard, I need to party hard too…so poor old blog got missed for a while!

Anyway, things are a bit quieter now so I’ve been spending some time playing with my new toy…a new camera. (It’s a Canon 600D, if you’re interested.) I haven’t done anything good enough to put up here but it’s fun experimenting with different styles. The stupid thing is what I *really* want to do is shots of the coast — yeah, I know in Sheffield! Still, I might be making a trip to Southport to visit some friends soon and could get a chance to do some seascape photos.

I’ve been looking for inspiration. There are loads of great photographs out there but I love these from Guernsey. ( I used to go there on holiday when I was a kid). It’s weird, I recognise quite a few places from this website from years ago. I went swimming here once with my brother. And I also remember walking down to this funny little foghorn thing. It’s about a million steps to get down there!

Hope I can do something this good if I get to Southport. Probably not! It’s all about waiting for the right tide and light and I might not get lucky on my trip.
Watch this space.

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