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Looking for a career in Asset Management

So it’s time for me to seriously start thinking about my future career. What do I want to do and where do I want to be based? Well, the bright lights of London have always been appealing and I am pretty sure I want to work for an Asset Manager – what is that I hear you say, well according to Wikipedia ‘the term is most commonly used in the financial world to describe people and companies that manage investments on behalf of others’. There are several graduate career paths available for these companies and I am most drawn to Business development and client relationship roles. I really think it helped that the Asset Managers had the best careers evenings at Sheffield Uni!

I wasn’t really sure where the best place to start looking for these types of roles was, so resorting to the internet, I have found (unsurprisingly) several search results for business development roles, but there are also some results for financial recruitment companies that specialise in this area. For example www.nobledaviessearch.co.uk is a ‘specialist executive search boutique’ that focuses on Asset Management distribution roles for London based positions. Sounds impressive but I’m not 100% sure what ‘distribution roles’ are.  The types of positions they recruit for are consultant relations, marketing, product development, client services, corporate communications and sales, so exactly what I am looking for. However, the only downside for me is that they are looking for well-established and experienced candidates to place for their clients, so I definitely need to gain some experience in the industry before I can contact them.

On the plus side their website does say that they track up and coming individuals and bear them in mind for future career opportunities, so I guess it’s up to me to make my mark!! Better get back to completing all those application forms…

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