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I was reading an article the other day discussing the differences between in-house marketing teams and marketing companies. Many large companies tend to have their own marketing teams, whereas smaller companies may have one or two people that are tasked with looking after marketing.

In-house marketing teams (typically) know their company and its business and associated products/services very well and focus on marketing them in the most appropriate way for maximum exposure and audience reach. However, in both large and small companies, there is sometimes a need for an external marketing company to assist with marketing projects, as a company may need specialist expertise in certain areas such as brand identity, marketing plans, company collateral, integrated campaigns, websites, digital and social media (to name a few) or may simply want to outsource a particular project.

Typically there are a few ways marketing companies work with businesses. For example an company would partner with a company on a project, or if required they can become part of the in-house marketing team to drive projects forward with the benefit of being able to communicate directly with the in-house team.

There are specific marketing companies for various fields, for instance in the financial services industry there are several companies that specialise in corporate marketing. HT Financial Marketing is one such company – their website says they have several years experience in the industry and can add value to your business. Sounds good and I can see why a marketing company can be an asset to in-house marketing teams.


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