What the hell is a Medi Spa?

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My mum has just started having treatment on her skin. She’s not looking too bad for her age (so many of my mates tell me!), but she’s started having these treatments to look younger. Why now? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis type thing. Maybe she’s trying to impress my friends (Nooooooooo!). Maybe after some of her friends have got divorced, she wants to make sure Dad appreciated her.

Anyway, I went with her to the place she gets her treatment as she was giving me a lift back from Football. I ended up in this super clean strange place called a Medi Spa in West Sheffield. I had to wait for her to have her laser treatment, so I had a look at all the things they do. There’s some pretty strange stuff that people get. I’ve heard of Botox, but never know where you’d go to get this type of treatment. Well, now I know. There were also things like skin peels, derma rolerz, skin tightening and stretch marks (urgh!).

There are some more noble services at the place, like hair removal. Boy, that’s an important one for the girls. I’d hate to have a hairy girl.  The acne would have been useful a few years ago as well.

Anyway, I learn new things all the time, and now I’ve learnt that mum must think she’s getting old, that strange places like Medi Spas exist in Sheffield and that while part of me thinks it’s mad, the other part of me is glad someone is removing hair from the lips of girls and making acne better!

Sheffield’s best new haircut

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What a haircut! I’ve just had my hair styled at a different Sheffield hair dressers, a hair salon up in Hillsborough, and I’m pretty chuffed with the result. My sister goes to this hairdressers and so I went with her. They used this weird technique to straighten it out much more, a Brazilian Blow dry.  My hair has a pain in the arse tendency to curl up, and this has worked a treat.

Now my mate Jim, Sheffield’s answer to Casanova, has an infamous Justin Bieber style cut that he swears by as it helps him pull the girls. But should I have a haircut just to pull? It’s a nice side effect, but that’s not for me.

Now I’ve been trying to work out what haircuts pull what type of girl, and here are my thoughts. Let me know what you reckon:

Very long hair – If a bloke goes for this type of haircut, then he’s going for the Metal head girl or an Emo. This doesn’t work for many other groups if you ask me.

Long, but not really long hair (They call it a bob?) – This is an all round winner I reckon. Looks good and gives you a range of appeal to the hipper, music girls. Needless to say, this is what I have, and my new haircut at the hair dressers has made it straight as well.

Skin head  or short crop – A terrible cut if you ask me. You’re going for the chav girls with this one.  Not going to get much luck with the hipster girls.

The Bieber – As with Jim, a very effective haircut for a wide range of girls, and it does work for Jim, he’s a machine. I hate Beiber so much though that I feel it’s selling your soul to get this haircut just to be popular with the girls.

Floppy hair – a decent all-rounder as a hair style.

Curly hair – Nooo! This is how my hair goes once it grows past my shoulder.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Got to go out and show off my new haircut.


Christmas holidays in North Yorskhire

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Were going away for Christmas this year. The ‘olds’ have rented a lovely, quality looking holiday cottage in North Yorkshire, in the Yorkshire moors and not too far from the coast. Should be great, looking forward to getting into the sticks. I’ve pretty much stopped my studies now, so it’s party time for weeks!

The only problem with the plan the ‘olds’ have cooked up about a Christmas holiday in the middle of nowhere (well, North Yorkshire) in an idyllic cottage is the Games aspect. I’ve getting some games as presents,  as usual (Dishonoured and Borderlands 3 to be precise). The cottage has a TV, but there is only one, and it’s not the large flat screen that I love. That’s a pain. Don’t they realise that people that people expect a large flatscreen in quality holiday lets? Also, people expect a TV in each bedroom now for gaming. Nuts!

I think this is the place were staying, a holiday cottage in Lealholm near Whitby. Anyway, let’s hope there are no arguments this year and that the internet connection in the holiday cottage is decent.


I’ve got a camera, now where is the coast?

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Well, it seems I’ve neglected this blog for a while. I’ve been really busy with a few big assignments. And when I’ve worked hard, I need to party hard too…so poor old blog got missed for a while!

Anyway, things are a bit quieter now so I’ve been spending some time playing with my new toy…a new camera. (It’s a Canon 600D, if you’re interested.) I haven’t done anything good enough to put up here but it’s fun experimenting with different styles. The stupid thing is what I *really* want to do is shots of the coast — yeah, I know in Sheffield! Still, I might be making a trip to Southport to visit some friends soon and could get a chance to do some seascape photos.

I’ve been looking for inspiration. There are loads of great photographs out there but I love these from Guernsey. ( I used to go there on holiday when I was a kid). It’s weird, I recognise quite a few places from this website from years ago. I went swimming here once with my brother. And I also remember walking down to this funny little foghorn thing. It’s about a million steps to get down there!

Hope I can do something this good if I get to Southport. Probably not! It’s all about waiting for the right tide and light and I might not get lucky on my trip.
Watch this space.

The Colon and Semicolon

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Who invents this stuff in the first place? Eh? Eh? Well someone decided to sit down and create punctuation marks at some point in history, and now we’re all left wondering how to use them.

semicolonI’ve been working on an assignment, and I’ve decided to use more colons and semicolons in my writing to help it look more impressive, and hopefully get better marks. This follows my recent success with a tactic of looking up an obscure word in the dictionary and then fitting it into my writing somehow. Seemed to work last time as my tutor had to ask me what the word meant.

Anyway, the colon and semicolon are my next targets. The colon I’ve used quite a few times before anyway (not like Horizontal Harry), and seems pretty straightforward. Basically, the colon is used to introduce something, like a list, word or the rest of a sentence. Like this:

The best players in Sheffield are: Evans, Lowton and MacDonald.

The semicolon is a much trickier thing. The Semicolon looks like a colon, but with a comma below the full stop rather than another full stop. I’ve stuck a picture of a colon and semicolon to this post. The semicolon is used more for joining two separate sentences. By using the semicolon, you show that they are related. You can also use the semicolon on more complicated lists, so that it reads better.

I watched Sheffield Wednesday; they were terrible.

I’m going to stick to trying out the easier stuff first though. As ever, I turned to the internet to work this out. There is a great website all about the colon and semicolon. It was a bit more readable than the others and less wordy.

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My first Blog post

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I’ve had Blogs before, but I’ve never had the discipline to keep them going. This time I’ve taught myself how to set one up with a proper domain and everything, so I’m going to make more of an effort this time around. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see me tackle on here, but I;m sure I’ll be speaking rubbish most of the time anyhow. Sheffield! Sheffield! South South Yorks!