Looking for a pram in Oldham

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This is a bit of a change of direction from recent posts, but a few of my friends are recently becoming parents for the first time and they’ve been searching for places to get affordable baby stuff – cot beds, car seats, etc. It’s weird how so many of them are having kids at the same time.

One of my former uni friends lives in Oldham now, and he has just had a baby boy. The little lad arrived a bit earlier than expected and they were caught by surprise, so they are in serious need of a pram, so they can get out and about on the streets.

They found a company called Online4Baby, who are based on the web but also have a pram showroom in Oldham! That was handy. My friends tell me that there were more than enough prams for them to take a look at, which was even handier.

One pram looks pretty much the same to me, if I’m honest, but once I looked at the website one evening recently I was astonished at the varieties available. Travel systems seems a bit of a pretentious term, but once I checked out what they actually were, I could see why they call them that. There is a lot of different pieces involved. One, for example, even has an Isofix base included – everything from the first journey back from hospital to strolls in the park is covered.

So, I suppose I’ll be seeing many buggies and other bits of baby kit in the next few years as my friends’ little bundles of joy arrive. I might even end up pushing a couple of them around the park myself. A couple of my friends’ prams, you understand. I’ve got no plans for any kids of my own just yet.