Student Accommodation Sheffield

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I thought I’d get my blog going again with a look a the state of Student Accommodation in Sheffield. I’ve been a student in Sheffield for a while, and now after a working ‘break’, I’m back at Sheffield University studying  postgraduate course.

I’ve been in a lot of student houses in Sheffield over the last few year, both visiting student friends and in my own student accommodation.  I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to student accommodation.

I’ve seen properties with no living rooms and lots of box rooms, like my first place in Crookes. I’ve seen great student flats off Ecclesall Road and Broomhill. I’ve seen some very expensive, high end student pads in the city centre for those with wealthy parents and trust funds. I’ve seen some awful, damp and dank student houses in Crookesmoor.

My current student accommodation in the Broomhill area of Sheffield is pretty good, I have to say. I’m sharing with some friends, but the house in in a good condition and good value. Also close to some really good pubs and handy shops. We’ve got our current student accommodation through a company who specialise in student accommodation in Sheffield called Capland.

I’ve had a student property through them before, in my third year, and I’d recommend them to anyone. They actually answer the phone and provide timely services when the boiler breaks etc unlike the private landlord I had in my second year (I’ll never forget that cold winter!).

Anyway, I’d say there is quite a range of student accommodation in Sheffield. Being a city so dominated by two huge universities, Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam, there are a lot of students. Also, being a once a booming city of steel makers, there are a lot of old houses around, which are perfect for turning into well located student houses. Just be careful to look around and don’t take the first property you see. There are good student digs in the city, you just have to look around!