I’ve been swotting up on my grammar again recently, trying to improve my writing. This time, I’ve been working on verbs.

Now, what is a verb? Well, put simply, a verb is a doing word. You know, ‘banging’, ‘kissing’, ‘drinking’, ‘dancing’ would be great examples of the verbs I feel fond of. Verbs can be about mental things as well. For example, Marty was ‘thinking’. Hell, maybe I was chilling.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research about verbs, and things get a little more complicated then the simple verbs bit I’ve covered. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Irregular verbs – verbs that don’t take on common spelling patterns (such as ending with ed). For example, get, go and see.

Linking verbs – these are the most subtle of verbs, words like turn, grow etc. Took me a while to spot these verbs.

Helping verbs – are kind of sidekick verbs. They help out the boss verb in sentences. Like ‘Marty is our partying’.

Intransitive verbs – mixing up the order of verbs, we see these little word beauties! Like this: ‘I was banging out the beats on the drums’

Anyway, that’s enough about verbs and grammar for now. I’m planning on getting better at writing this year, so more grammar will come.

Verbs out!


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