About me

Marty from Sheffield WebsiteHi, I’m Marty and I live in Sheffield and love websites, music, writing, art and Sheffield. This is my Blog that I use to leave my thoughts about the things I’m interested in.

I was in a Sheffield based band called ‘The Gerkins’, and I love Indie, Ragga, Antifolk, Rock and Hip Hop. I really like to party and spend hours in front of my computer – at the same time if possible.

About Sheffield

Sheffield is a great city. It’s in South Yorkshire, Great Britain and is a really interesting place to live. There are loads of bars and clubs, and lots to do and see. There are two Universities – Sheffield University (the really good one) and Sheffield Hallam University (the old Poly, but still pretty good). There are also two Football clubs, Sheffield Utd (Hurray!) and Sheffield Wednesday (Boo!). I also really like the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls.

The South West of Sheffield seems to be the nicest place, especially Millhouses and Whirlowdale. I’d like to live there one day, it’s not that nice where I live, but it’s OK.

Why Website Sheffield?

Great domain isn’t it! Nobody seemed to have spotted it, so I brought it to have my Sheffield based website. Pretty chuffed with the domain. Maybe it’s worth something? I won’t sell it anyhow – Website Sheffield he he he!

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